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At first this story seems to be a romantic visual novel. However, after your first attempts to play, it appears to be a real psychological horror issued in 2017. Doki Doki is an anime-based scary novel, which is available for free. Team Salvato studio is its developer. In the process of the game, a player is invited by his childhood friend to join the literature club. In the club he meets three other girls, one of them Monika, is the Club President. Each of them showed her romantic feelings towards lead character. Also, a character has to write poems. Depending on the words he uses, the route towards each girl is chosen. Monika doesn’t have any route though; she has her consciousness and may change the game herself, even without your will. Her decisions might become a real surprise for you. There are three Acts of that novel.

Thanks to mods, there appeared a more joyful version of that game. Players can spend hours in it talking to Monika, and that’s not allowed in the original version.

In the second Act, the player realizes that he is actually forced to choose Monika for dating. Even Natsuki and Yuri suggest him to choose Monika, saying they both aren’t good for the character. After that, you will have to click a button called Just Monika. By the way, Monika’s subreddit account has 600 thousands followers. And her twitter account was created several months before the release of the game. By the way, different memes appeared online. They depict Monika in a funny manner. One YouTube video gathered 44.000 views. There was a Lou Bega’s song named Mambo number five, in which each of the girls’ names were substituted by the names of the Literature club girls.