Doki Doki Literature Club Game Play Online for Free

Join the literature club full of the cutest girls right now! Doki Doki Literature club is a great visual novel to play. Would you like to know the end of the story? It’s impossible, that’s the trick.

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A player cannot even guess the direction of the plot. In different moments of the gameplay you will have to make some immediate decisions, which will influence the progress of the story. If you have always wanted to try yourself in a role of a poet, then that game mechanic is exactly for you. You will be offered the list of different words to create a poem of them. Each of the literature club girls has her tastes of word. You are going to face their reaction when choosing a word she likes. If you wrote a poem according to girl’s preferences and choose ta proper dialogue, you are able to unlock extra stages for every girl. The ending of your game depends on the scenes you viewed in the process of playing. For a further progress a gamer will have to enter the files and erase some of them.

The creator of the novel is Dan Salvato and his team. The game was introduced to players in September 2017 for all the PC platforms, and a month later it was available on Steam. The main character is a college student who communicates with 4 girls, which are the members of the Literature Club he joined. There are many endings of the play possible; they are influenced by the gamer’s choice. At first, you might think it’s a sort of a dating simulator. However, that is an amazing psychology horror.

The team worked on the development of the novel within two years. The creation got the name of one of the most unpredictable games of the year. Its developer was actually inspired by anime.

The game tells about a lead character joining the school’s literature club, while he got an invitation from the friend of his childhood. After that, he meets other in the club and begins participating in its activities. He writes and shares his poems. Eventually, on the eve of the school festival, his childhood friend tells about her love for the main character. At the festival, the poem of his friend Sayori appears to be very depressive, and she leaves the event. In some time, the gamer finds her hanged by herself. Here everything comes to a sudden end. After the glitch, the game starts again, without Sayori. Each of the girls eventually kills herself. After deleting some files, the game restarts.

In the process of playing, the game starts over and over again for several times. At last, there will be different endings offered depending on the decisions of the player. As soon as you finish the game, you will get a thankful message from the creator.

Some of the gamers call it to be the scariest game ever. The scary novel was installed over two million of times since it was available. It entered the list of 25 best games of the year 2017, and its place was 16. The novel also gained multiple prizes of the year.