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Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club creators have put efforts to prevent creation of the clones/fan games for portable devices. It was explained in the blog of a developer, that multiple fan developments on Playmarket caused lots of stress recently. The Steam allows downloading the free version of the story. Needless to say about its popularity, it takes the 13th position among games with the highest rankings. For that reason, all fake and fan developers attempt to increase their income through selling mobile versions on different stores. The novel developers call the gamers for not buying the payable games, trying to prevent their unsuccessful experience.

The creator of the novel noted, that Doki Doki mobile version makes him feeling uncomfortable. He would love to enable people to have their best experience when they play their first mobile version. None of the developers asked, however, for a permission to release the app on Playmarket. He doesn’t exclude the possibility of further mobile port development. However, the PC version has to be improved first, Dan says. Everyone who knows about the peculiarities of the game would realize it would be sometimes pretty difficult to cope with the game on mobile platform. Although the developer isn’t excited about the fan content, he isn’t intended to lock it. He said that Monika fan art gained a great popularity, and that’s cool.

The creator is glad there are so many fans of the DDLC currently. And he understands they want to share the game with each other, or at least to be able to play it in their favorite devices. Unfortunately, it might threaten the developers to allow that content on one of the main popular platforms, before they release the game they are comfortable with. They are not going to lock their own fan community. They just want to be able to create a top-quality product in future. Their fans are widely loved and their content is going to be encouraged as well. However, it’s naturally, that they want to be respected in return.