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A visual novel created in 2017 was released for PC only. There appeared lots of functional ports on Google Play. The developers didn’t want these versions to be available for players on Android, and they were removed. The developers noted that as soon as they improve their PC version, they might start working on mobile ports. For now that’s impossible, while the game will be difficult to play on portable devices because of its complexity, and the fans should have only the best gaming experience with it.

The game is totally free. There is a $10 pack, which you can buy only if you wish. It enables you to open a Fan pack with desktop and mobile wallpapers, official soundtrack and conceptual pictures. The game gained multiple awards, becoming an innovation of the year 2017. It is not suitable for kids and people with weak psychic. If you are a lover of unusual and unpredictable horror games, this one will be for you.