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Monika After Story

Monika, a cute Japanese schoolgirl is the founder of the Doki Doki Literature Club! For some reasons, the Club President realizes she is in a game. She is a game guide, as in the majority of visual novels. Because of that she doesn’t have a romantic line. The literature fans do not have enough members (comparing to other school clubs) to compose a Literature club. In the Act 2 a protagonist joins the club, and since then it starts to be official. The Club President understands she is in a game, and vice-president is always a victim. A discussion club is also recalled in the game. Monika (the Literature club President) is a former member of it.

There are 4 main characters (except protagonist), 4 cute girls, writing different poems with a deep sense. Protagonist connects easily with the girls. However, Monika realizes in a while they are in a game and interrupts other members’ attempts to become friends with the main character. The player will think to play a typical dating simulator. Your expectations will be broken very soon though. The second Act turns to be a psychology horror containing the fourth wall breakdown feature. Suicide, depression and death will be the central topics.