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Doki Doki Literature Club 2018

Doki Doki Literature Club 2018 is a romantic story getting out of your control…

The story is not what you could expect at first, and that is the key feature. You don’t have to pay for playing it. You can definitely call it a fresh scare. Playing horrifying games, you often have the same feelings; you feel ease and not much of interest. However, playing a romantic novel which takes you to really terrifying scenes, is something beyond your imagination. Your nightmares will be seen in a new way.

This time indie studio Team Salvato created a psychology horror, looking like a dating story from the first site. The innovative horror nickname was gained right after the novel was available for play. At first, you and four lovely girls demonstrate that a literature club has to be the number one school organization. You will be encouraged to choose the girl, for which you will write poems. You may get connected with some of the members subject to your decisions. Keep in mind, that you should accept the warnings at the beginning of the story absolutely serious. Step by step, you will be taken to dark side of the story. Unexpectedly you face the suicide of one of the girls. The suicide was connected with her feelings towards the main character. She was in love, and he didn’t reciprocate. From that point, that game takes an absolutely unexpected turn.

The girl’s death seems to affect the game-client. After it, everything restarts again, and her dead phantom is deformed. The player is taken to an absolutely new scene. The gameplay reacts to any of your actions. The client glitches all the time until it is totally agreed with its ending. The video horror changes its universe itself, making you to open the files it wants. After you get to the second part of the game, saying you will be horrified is nothing. You will be really trapped in the universe of that novel. It will be like a parallel life, where you experience every story with your heart. Such an aspect, as the fear of fear makes the game of that genre difficult to many users. You might lose control because of your fear. Losing control means losing the game.

Doki Doki contains lots of concepts of the horror genre games. But not as we all expect it. The matter is its fourth wall breakdown.