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Who is your favorite Doki Doki character? Sayori, Monika, Yuri, or Natsuki? Let’s look at each of them in details.

Sayori. She used to be a great, positive girl until she fell in love with the main character. After her confession, she started to write depressive poems. Her depression was only increasing. Eventually, she ended her life by committing suicide. She really wanted a lead character to be happy, even with others, but felt jealous. Unfortunately, we see her just in the 1st and 4th acts, while she hanged herself and the players could not see her for a while.

Monika. That is a very skeptical and unusual President of the Club. When playing, you understand that she has her self-consciousness, and she leads to errors in game, breaking it. You can’t write poems for her until the 3rd Act.

Yuri. She is a real bookworm, although very romantic. She is a Vice-President of the literature club. She is one of those you are able to write poems for. Her favorite color is purple, even her hair is purple.

Natsuki. A “pink” girl, having pink eyes and pink hair. She is the youngest of four girls. Her inner world is beautiful and soft, and her personality is arrogant. This girl is very caring, especially of other girls. However, she is very lonely and desperate.