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Literature Club Sayori

Doki Doki Literature Club can be rightly called a phenomenon of the internet. Seeming innocent dating simulator, it appears to be absolutely unpredictable with the progress of playthrough. You will be given a choice to flirt with one of the four cute high school girls. Each of them possesses unique personality. You are free to choose any you wish with girls Sayori. Read the poems together, share thoughts, and get connected with each other. Looks like a usual dating simulator, huh?

That could have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t. The insane plot of the game will make you totally lost and confused, at times even depressed. The game is not intended for kids, or people with an unstable mental health, by the way. Thus, it’s recommended not to play with your psyche if you are not sure you can stand it.

You will have a strange feeling of something you can’t explain. And there are reasons for that. Right at the end of the first part, something crazy is going to happen to one of the girls, your childhood mate. You couldn’t expect her to commit a suicide, could you?

That’s not the end though. The game is going to blow up your mind. If you are in search of a true ending, go and cope with the files. Who knows, whether it will help you or vice versa? Get ready to read between the lines, while in each of the message, poem, and even word you are going to get a hidden message to understand what is going on.

You will be really surprised of how a lovely dating simulator is grappling with a real horror depicting such important topics, as love, depression, death, suicide, choice…