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Looking like a cool dating app at first glance, a horrifying story is waiting for you on your screen… If you were hoping to play a romantic and cute app, Doki Doki isn’t for you. At the very beginning you will realize that game is not for kids, or for people with weak nerves. By the way, the same warning you will see when watching trailer or logging the game. So, what is the story about? At first, you will have a romantic adventure. From the first minute, though, the feeling of something wrong doesn’t leave the player. And something will definitely go wrong. Before that accident, however, you will have to read between the lines in search of different hints. You are not going to see any monsters or phantoms though; the horror will be very realistic.

The game consists of two parts actually. In the first part you will have to attend the literature club on a daily basis for discussing the poems you wrote with other club members. You are offered a list of words, and can choose any of them for your writings. Some of them will be more attractive to some girls. Take your time to spend much time with some of the characters, and you will even like some of those girls. However, the second part of the game will take you to a nightmare. You will never feel secure again. Before making serious decisions, some of the players save the game, while any of the decisions might influence the further process of the game and take you to the route you would never want. The game will have its cataclysmic breakthrough, after which you will not be able to change the process of the game. As any playthrough of that genre, it will make you feel dangerous. It will be impossible to know what to expect next. But you still want to know the ending, thus, you keep playing. You will realize the Doki Doki genius actually, it has nothing to do with the design or narration of the game, but all of the elements are put together in such a clever manner, that everything is upside down. The story is surely not for everyone, it has its dark corners. After reading the warning at the beginning of the game, you should decide whether you are ready to make your heart beating.